Forever we Belong

Without further ado, here it is! The song 'Forever we Belong' starring Rave and Lance.

Inspiration behind the bonus video

If I’m honest with myself, this video was never in the plan. It didn’t exist even when I started to publish my book. I was nervous when I asked the publishers to add the details to the end of the book, praying it wasn’t too late.

It just so happened that one night, while casually going through my go-to website for stock videos, I found so much content of what I had picked for the trailer. It was so relatable to the lead characters. I knew I needed to do something about it, I had to make a video dedicated to Rave and Lance.

I pondered on what I could write for this. A song would be a perfect fit but I had anymore creativity left in me. My mind was spent with all the activities related to the book process, including working on this website. Just anything wouldn’t cut it, the lyrics had to be special. I asked myself, how would I describe the relationship between Rave and Lance in one word? The answer came to me, instantly- ‘forever’. And that was that. I wrote it and had it sung and the music composed by Taras Kuznetsov. He’s amazing, don’t you think?

I was so excited that I completed the video in a few hours. The parts I found for the outdoor wedding, outdoor ventures, and the new home naturally slipped in. I tried fitting as many clips as possible. I am amazed at how it turned out.

What do you think of the video? Please let me know in the comments below or on YouTube. If you would like to know the lyrics, head over to the song description on YouTube.  

Who are the Rave and Lance in the video?

I seriously have no clue. I had found their clips to use for the main book trailer. Upon randomly searching, there were more. It doesn’t say their names on the page. Then again, I don’t believe any stock video sites have the names of the people who are in them. 

For me though, if I picture Rave and Lance in my head now, I can totally see these two. 

More Videos?

Certainly, it is becoming like part of the book for me. My next trailer will be for ‘The Darklit Sky’. If you haven’t watched the main book trailer ‘Grasp of the Night’, please visit the Homepage

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